What makes a "Legal Stream"?

This definition may vary, however here is ours...
Aside from the criteria below, we will make NO EFFORT to bypass any geographic block, password or security restriction.

  • Any stream or link that comes by way of a legitimite or official source of the content provider such as official web site, official YouTube Channel, Livestream, etc.
  • Any Stream or link which comes from a domain that is recognized to be an "official" souce for "legal stream" because the domain is related to a company that does official streams for businesses. Some may include akamaihd.net, akamaized.net, etc.
  • Any stream or link which originates from the domain name of the content provider. For instance if the channel were XYZ and their domain XYZ.com and the stream URL shows it comes from XYZ.com it is then a legitimate stream from the source.
  • Any stream or link which is displayed on the content providers web page, or promotional material.
  • Any link that resolves to any of the above.
  • In the case of some stream sources like Pluto TV and some others, we must make the assumption that they are legally streaming the content.

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