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Why Resell HDTVStreamers Live TV Only Systems?

There are many other gray and black market IPTV lists that you can install in an Android device and sell, however none of these devices offer the flexibility and stability of our list. For instance, EuroNews is available on YouTube but those other devices can not get the EuroNews YouTube stream in their channel list as we can. Instead they rely on a black market EuroNews stream that may come and go. While we may use a EuroNews stream from YouTube it is an official EuroNews stream by way of YouTube.

The days of gray and black market TV over the Internet are numbered. You can start offering a legal product today.

We offer the only product that enhances USTVNow with additional channels, seamlessly. We also improve on the USTVNow interface with a channel up/down user experience for the best USTVNow user experience available on Android.

HDTVStreamers Reseller Program Is Very Simple.

Minimum purchase for resellers is three (3) of our Live TV Only units at all times.

Purchases for resellers are shipped free when guidelines are adhered to.

The first three units can be purchased at the three unit price on the main page, after we have the resellers information as defined herein. Purchasing the three units on the main page will also give reseller an HDTVStreamers demo account.

After initial puchase, subsequent purchases may qualify for a deeper discount for higher volume purchases.

Resellers that have activated larger numbers of clients and have abided by guidelines, may qualify for deeper discounts.

Reseller may price these units at the price the price suited to reseller's market.

Reseller must submit valid, verifyable contact information; full name, street address, phone number, email address, and must update said information should it change.

Reseller must provide support for their own customers. We do not support reseller's customers.

It is the resellers responsibility to learn the configuration options for the devices.

No unit will be activated without the annual fee paid by subscription. This fee is currenttly $30 USD per year.

Reseller may take up to three months to activate the units after purchase. A longer time may be offered however we can not guarantee that units will have latest features.

HDTVStreamers will teach/demonstrate/inform reseller how to configure the HDTVStreamers account.

HDTVStreamers will teach/demonstrate/inform reseller how to incorporate a USTVNow account.

USTVNow accounts are not included in this product nor service. The system does have the ability to incorporate USTVNow accounts but the customer must have their own account.

HDTVStreamers devices should be considered "locked down" devices for this dedicated purpose.

Resellers must maintain an HDTVStreamers demo account active at all times.

Your end user must activate the subscription via the PayPal Link we provide for the annual fee and keep payments current at all times. Annual payments that fail will result in account cancellation. We do not accept other forms of payment for the annual fee.

PayPal subscriptions that are cancelled will result in immediate account termination, with no credit provided for remaining time.

It is the reseller's responsibility to ensure that their customer is aware of any item contained in this page which may affect the customer, and customers MUST sign an acknowledgement, particularly of the cancellation rules, and those pertaining to abuse or reverse engineering and NOT updating software from the Google Play Store or any other item contained herein which may affect the customer.

Our support to reseller is limited ONLY to problems which the reseller can reproduce at a different location, and only to the reseller, whether on same or different hardware.

Any customer account with more than three (3) HDTVStreamers devices accessing the same account is subject to suspension.

As these units connect to HDTVStreamers server, any attempt to reverse engineer, hack, crack or unlock device or connect to HDTVStreamers servers with other devices will result in IMMEDIATE termination of reseller account and at HDTVStreamers sole dicretion, all accounts whick came from said reseller.

System and configuration passwords will NOT be passed to reseller nor end user.

These devices are NOT recommended to be connected to the Google Play store nor to use with other apps. If the customer or reseller chooses to do so, they do so at their own risk. Any warranty will be voided for any installed software or software update not provided by, or under the direction of HDTVStreams.

We only support the software versions we have installed.

Any reseller that has brought us two (2) accounts with PayPal chargebacks may be subject to removal from the program.

HDTVSTreamers at their sole discretion reserves the right to cancel reseller and their customers' accounts should we feel that the reseller, or customer(s) have violated terms hererin.


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